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Variable Number Fieldtype Documentation

Variable Number Fieldtype

The Variable Number Fieldtype for Statamic is designed for your Forms blueprints to be displayed on your frontend Statamic site.


This fieldtype is designed to allow your visitors to select from a range of numbers - or enter their own. Each field configuration allows you to:

  • format numbers as a specific currency, integer or decimal (including a set number of decimal places)

  • enable (or disable) the ability to enter their own custom number, including:

    • defining maximum and minimum values, and

    • a custom placeholder

  • choose a layout type: included are templates for radio buttons, select and button layouts, or write your own template

  • allow the pre-defined numbers to be overridden by a query string parameter

  • works with Statamic's Alpine.js Conditional Fields helper

  • works beautifully with the Stripe Checkout Fieldtype

The Variable Number Fieldtype for Statamic is a Commercial Addon

You can use it for free while in development, but requires a license to use on a live site.

Learn more or buy a license on the Statamic Marketplace!

Layout style disclaimer

Please note that the default layout styles are incredibly minimalist to allow you to easily start styling to suit your site's style.

This is intentional: rather than pigeon-holing you in to our idea of style, you can quickly start adding your own style without needing to remove ours first.

Images used on the Marketplace and in the docs have been used to illustrate its potential, but will need to be styled to achieve these exact looks.