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Blueprint Requirements

This is an opinionated point, but can be useful. We have used a simple "meta_" fieldset that includes title, description plus the ability to override the OG image.

v3.1.0 adds support for using computed values for these fields

Field recommendations

This addon also looks for the following three fields:

meta_include_in_xml_sitemap New

A button group fieldtype, default value of default, and options of:

  • default: 'Use default' (prior to v2.3.2, an empty string was suggested)

  • false: Exclude

  • true: Include


A select fieldtype, max 1, default of default, and options of:

  • default: 'Use default'

  • always: 'Always (stock market data, social media)'

  • hourly: 'Hourly (major news site, weather, forums)'

  • daily: 'Daily (blog index, message boards)'

  • weekly: 'Weekly (product pages, directories)'

  • monthly: 'Monthly (FAQs, occasionally updated articles)'

  • yearly: 'Yearly (contact, about)'


A number, float, min 0.0, max 1.0


We think it makes sense to create a metadata fieldset, and then link to it in any blueprint that needs it.

These fields can alter the behaviour of the sitemap generator per entry or term. This fieldset is used for your Entries so that you can override and adjust these properties on a case-by-case basis.

This is an opinionated approach for a simple site. If you need greater control of SEO for your site, you may be better suited to an addon like Statamic's SEO Pro.