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Using Sitemapamic with Statamic's Static Site Generator

Sitemapamic works with Statamic's Static Site Generator. Can you say "Statamic's Static Site Generator" five times fast?

OK, now that's out of our system, yes, Sitemapamic works with Statamic's SSG. There are slightly different considerations depending on your Sitemapamic mode configuration.

single mode

To get it all up and running, you'll need to add Sitemapamic's sitemap.xml route to your SSG urls array.

1'urls' => [
2 'sitemap.xml'

It's as simple as that.

multiple mode

Just like with single mode, you need to start by adding Sitemapamic's sitemap.xml route to your urls array.

However, the SSG doesn't know what to do with any of the links inside the sitemap.xml file - so you need to make sure you add each of the additional sub-sitemaps to the urls array too.

1'urls' => [
2 'sitemap.xml',
3 'sitemap_pages.xml',
4 'sitemap_blog.xml',
5 'sitemap_projects.xml',

Statamic's SSG will now include each of these sitemaps in your SSG generation process.