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Sticky Notes for Statamic Documentation


Out of the box, you're good to go: these options give you greater control but may not be necessary. If you don't publish the config file, the defaults will be used - and it will all still work nicely.

But if you want to tweak it, if you haven't already, make sure you publish Sticky Notes for Statamic's config file - you'll need to do this:

1php artisan vendor:publish --tag=statamic-sticky-notes-config

This will publish the config file to config/statamic-sticky-notes.php. Look at this file - we've included comments throughout to help make it easy for you to understand how to use each option too.


Out of the box, Sticky Notes will be saved in your site's content folder - which is great as they can be included in your Git Automations if you're using Statamic Pro.

You can change this by adjusting the path property:

1'path' => storage_path('sticky-notes'),

You only need to change this if you want to change where the Sticky Notes content will be stored.


To help make it easy to know what your yaml files are for, your Sticky Notes will be saved in statamic-sticky-notes.yaml.

If you want to change this, you can adjust the filename property:

1'filename' => 'another-filename',

You only need to change this if you want to change the filename where Sticky Notes are stored.


The Content options all adjust the behaviour of the Bard field used when editing your Sticky Notes.


The buttons property expects an array of buttons to include in the Bard field, or set to null to use Statamic's default set.

1'buttons' => [
2 'bold',
3 'italic',
4 'unorderedlist',
5 'orderedlist',

This will output Bold, Italic, Unordered List and Ordered List buttons.

This is an ordered array - buttons will appear in the order that they are in the array.

You can see a list of available buttons in the Statamic docs - check out the "buttons" property.


If you're using the image button (to add an Asset to your Bard field), you will need to tell the Bard field what container to use - such as assets.

1'container' => 'assets',

If you do not set this property, the image button will not appear, even when it is in your buttons array.

You can set this to null to exclude this option. This is the default.

When you're using the anchor button you can pass an array of Collection handles to limit the Collections that are linkable from the anchor component of the Bard editor.

1'link_collections' => [
2 'pages',
3 'blog',

This will only list Entries in the Pages or Blog Collections when browsing for Entries to link to.

You can set this to null to allow all Collections to be available. This is the default.