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Sticky Notes for Statamic Documentation


Before you can see Sticky Notes for Statamic on your CP Dashboard, you need to add the Widget to your CP configuration.

This is in your site's config/statamic/cp.php file.

Look for the widgets property, and add sticky_notes to the list where you want it displayed.

1'widgets' => [
2 'sticky_notes',

This will output Sticky Notes for Statamic as a full width Widget.

Just like other Widgets, you can pass an array to control the width of the Widget:

1'widgets' => [
2 [
3 'type' => 'sticky_notes',
4 'width' => 50
5 ]

This will output the Sticky Notes for Statamic widget as a 50% block.

But it's not showing?

Out of the box, the Widget has no content - you need to add some content, and ensure it is configured to show on the Dashboard. All of this is part of the editing side of the addon.