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Feedamic Documentation


If you haven't already, make sure you publish Feedamic's config file - you'll need to do this:

1php artisan vendor:publish --tag=feedamic-config

This will publish the config file to config/feedamic.php. Look at this file - we've included comments throughout to help make it easy for you to understand how to tweak Feedamic to meet your needs.

Basically you are able to:

  • have some default config options that apply to all feeds

  • configure one or more feeds for different sections of your site

  • use the default config options in your feed config, or override them feed-by-feed

It sounds confusing, but its really simple. Let's get started.


You can configure one or more feeds using Feedamic.

Each Feed has its own set of configuration options, and can inherit some of your default config too.

See Feeds for full details.


The cache key has been added in case you ever needed to change it. Not sure why you need to, but hey, it's here if needed.

Feedamic will cache:

  • your feed's included entries

  • your feed's output for Atom

  • your feed's output for RSS

This can't be overridden per feed - Feedamic will automatically cache each feed using this value, plus the feed's key.


You can configure Defaults that Feedamic will be used in all of your feed configurations.

Don't stress though: you can override any of the Defaults within any of your feed configurations too.

See Defaults for full details.