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v2.1 to v2.2

This minor update introduces new features, but care has been taken to ensure your v2.1 configuration still works too.

Support for multiple feeds

v2.2 introduces support for multiple feeds, meaning that different collections can have their own feed routes.

Your v2.1 configuration file will continue to work with no changes needed.

New installs with v2.2 has a new default configuration file format.

No changes are required, unless you want to use multiple feeds. Check out Multiple Feeds for more information on configuration.

Support for locales

Support for the locales configuration has been added in v2.2.3. This is a non-breaking change for 2.2.0 and above.

Refer to the Defaults and Feeds configurations for details on how to configure and use this setting.

View changes

This is a breaking change if using multiple feeds, and have published views.

The view templates now get their properties - like title and description - from the Feedamic controller to make it possible to handle default values for your feeds.

This means that rather than using the config() helper in the blade files, there are now explicitly named variables.

If you have published Feedamic's views, you will need to update your views to use these variables to have full support for all of the multiple feed's features.

Fix with v2.2.1 New

If you've published the views for the RSS template, you may want to update your published versions. This update changes from 2-digit years to 4-digit years, and only applies to the RSS feed.

1// Pre-2.2.1
2<lastBuildDate>{{ $updated->toRfc822String() }}</lastBuildDate>
4// With 2.2.1
5<lastBuildDate>{{ $updated->toRfc2822String() }}</lastBuildDate>

Atom feeds are not impacted by this change, and it only impacts some RSS readers.

Changes to the feedamic tag

The feedamic tag adds support for multiple feeds.

If you're not using multiple feeds, no changes are required. Even if you're using multiple feeds, you may not need to make any changes.

The tag now allows you to output either all feed routes, or only those for a specific feed configuration. Refer to Auto-discovery Tag for more details.

Limit number of feed entries

v2.2 adds a new configuration option - limit - which limits the number of entries returned in your feeds.

By default, all entries will be returned.

Add the limit configuration option to your config file with an integer value.

Improved support for "authors"

Authors may not always be Users - and v2.2 adds support for Authors coming from different types of content including Users, Entries and Taxonomies. Basically anything that Statamic gives you in a DataCollection is now supported.