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v1.* to v2.0

Version 2 brings with it a new name. Isn't it great? Feeeeeedamic... just rolls off the tongue.

Upgrading from v1.* to v2.0

However there are some breaking changes with this update.

First of all, update your composer.json file:

1# Change from:
2"mitydigital/statamic-rss-feed": "^1.0",
4# Update to:
5"mitydigital/feedamic": "^2.0",

The run composer update.

You will need to check some things to get yourself up and running:

  • the config file

  • the views

  • tag usage

  • command usage

Please note that from v2, Statamic 3.3 or later, and PHP 8.0 or later is required.


Rename your config file from rss.php to feedamic.php. You'll find this in the config/statamic folder, if you are using your own config file.


If you have published the atom.blade.php or rss.blade.php views you will need to make sure that any references to the configuration file is correctly updated now to be feedamic instead of rss.

You may want to also update the <generator> tag to include the new name and version. Check out the views in the source of the component for what we've set as the defaults.


If you were using the {{ rssautodiscovery }} tag, this has been renamed to be {{ feedamic }}.


If you used the rss-cache command previously, this has been renamed to feedamic.

1# v1.* command only
2php please rss-cache:clear
4# v2 command
5php please feedamic:clear

Upgrading from v1.3

When upgrading from v1.3, ensure you add the image configuration options to your config file.

Upgrading from v1.2 or below

If upgrading from v1.2 or below, ensure you add the language and copyright configuration options to your config file.