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Logger for Statamic

Logger for Statamic is an addon for Statamic that automatically starts logging your users actions, and provides you with a human-friendly and readable daily log viewer.

A preview of the Logger for Statamic Utility

But it's so much more than just boring ol' logs.

Logger for Statamic makes logs that are made for humans - your users of the Statamic Control Panel - and is actually an audit log rather than a debug log tool. Logger for Statamic makes logging informative and friendly, with insane extensibility to tick those unique needs of your admin team.


Logger for Statamic is made by humans, for humans, and can:

  • listen to a number of Statamic and Laravel events out of the box,

  • effortlessly remove unwanted listeners (for events you don't care about)

  • easily add your own listeners (and expand upon built-in listeners)

  • customise message output to be human-friendly, with rich context capabilities and Blade templating

  • daily logger, with a configurable retention period

  • view logs in the Statamic Control Panel, including pagination and view options (including permissions)

  • one-click download of log files

Logger for Statamic is a Commercial Addon

You can use it for free while in development, but requires a license to use on a live site.

Learn more or buy a license on the Statamic Marketplace!