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Logger for Statamic Documentation


You can quickly get up and running with Logger for Statamic by updating your .env file, or start to do a bit more in Logger for Statamic's configuration file.

.env options

When you install Logger for Statamic, it will start doing its thing - logging!

We've provided some handy configuration values to help you tweak Logger for Statamic's behaviour per-environment.

You only need to add these to your .env when you need to make explicit changes - none are required for operation.



Use LOGGER_FOR_STATAMIC_ENABLED to control if the addon will log actions, and be available within the Statamic Control Panel.

This can be true or false.

When not set, will default to true (in other words, if you want it off, you need to explicitly turn it off).

Storage Path

By default, Logger for Statamic will place its logs in Laravel's storage/logs folder.

The path for logs will always be put through Laravel's storage_path helper. This means the default value, when not explicitly set, is simply logs.

On Forge, you should set a custom path to avoid logrotate renaming log files.

Storage Name

By default, Logger for Statamic will use its own internal name to help determine which logs it needs to manage. If you wanted to change this, go forth!


Logger for Statamic uses Laravel's logging under-the-hood, and creates a new log file each day. This makes browsing logs a little easier - and also allows logs to be retained for a given number of days.

Use LOGGER_FOR_STATAMIC_STORAGE_RETENTION_DAYS to specify the number of days log files should be retained.

When omitted, will default to 7.