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Scheduled Cache Invalidator Documentation

How to use

After you have installed Scheduled Cache Invalidator for Statamic there's just two things you'll need to do.

Include the command

In your site's app/Console/Kernel.php file, run the Scheduled Cache Invalidator command:

1protected function schedule(Schedule $schedule)
3 $schedule->command('statamic:scheduled-cache-invalidator:run');

No other configuration is needed - but don't forget to check your Static Cache invalidation rules for Statamic - these are in your site's config/statamic/static_caching.php file.

Set up Laravel's Task Scheduler

The Scheduled Cache Invalidator command will be run from Laravel's Task Scheduler.

You will need to do this on your server, and how you tackle this can vary. You may want to refer to Laravel's docs for more details.

If you're using Laravel Forge, you can simply flick the toggle switch on your Site's main page to have Forge set this up for you.