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Scheduled Cache Invalidator Documentation

Save behaviour

By default, the Scheduled Cache Invalidator will call saveQuietly, meaning that no events will be fired during the saving of your Entry.

This is particularly useful when you have events being listened for that should not be run just when the cache is being invalidated. For example, if you're using Logger for Statamic, running save would create new log entries, where as saveQuietly will not.

On the other hand, there may be instances where you want event listeners to run.

Since 2.0.1, you can control this behaviour using the save_quietly flag in your config file. If you are missing this property, refer to the source.

3| Save quietly
6| Do you want to save items quietly (true, so no events fired), or
7| not quietly (false, events will be fired)
11'save_quietly' => true,