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Scheduled Cache Invalidator Documentation


You can upgrade Scheduled Cache Invalidator using composer - it's as easy as that.

For major versions, you will need to manually increment version numbers as these may include breaking changes and may need some additional changes to your code.

v1.x to v2.0.0

While simple and minor, the jump to 2.0.0 will introduce unexpected behaviour as it will look at undated Collections as well as dated (v1 only). This means if you're defining a global query scope, it will apply to all Collections - dated and undated.

You may need to update your Query Scope logic.

It is also a good time to check if you're using query scopes - you can be a bit more complex with your configuration now.

Query scopes can now be applied:

  • with a single Query Scope to all Collections

  • with multiple Query Scopes to all Collections

  • with a single Query Scope to specific Collections

  • with multiple Query Scopes to specific Collections

Review the Query Scopes documentation to ensure your configuration is still correct for your use case.