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Australia Post Shipping for Simple Commerce Documentation


If you haven't already, make sure you publish the addon's config file - you'll need to do this:

1php please vendor:publish --tag=simple-commerce-australia-post-config

When you have published the configuration file, you can find it in /config/simple-commerce-australia-post.php. This is where you can:

  • define your Blueprint field mappings

  • define your "from" postcode, required for calculations to work

  • tweak your .env API key variable name (if you wanted)

The comments in the config file should help you set up your configuration with ease.


The mappings array defines a number of properties that the addon requires to operate correctly.

The mapping keys must remain - but the values for each are the field handle to collect the dimension attributes.

The default config looks for a field called "height". If you had a different field, such as "package_height", you would change the config below to be:

1'height' => 'package_height'

You can also have a field (use the AP Shipping Methods fieldtype) to make it easy to exclude specific products from calculations.


This defines your "from" postcode that is used with the Australia Post PAC to help calculate costs to the customer's destination.


You can set your Australia Post PAC API Key here.

The default setting will look for the AUSTRALIA_POST_PAC_KEY key in your .env file.