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Australia Post Shipping for Simple Commerce Documentation

Finding Australia Post Service Codes

Australia Post has many Service Codes - and it is up to you to determine which offers the right service for you and your customers.

Two commands have been included to help you find the Service Codes for Domestic and International packages:

For Domestic package Service Codes:

1php please scap:domestic-parcel-services {toPostcode}

You can provide any Australian postcode to get a list of services.

For International package Service Codes:

1php please scap:international-parcel-services {countryCode}

You can provide a two-character country code to get a list of options available for that country.

Note that while these commands are looking at a specific postcode or country, but your customer's may pick another postcode/country, if the Service Code is not available to their country, the Shipping Method will be hidden. It may be a good idea to use simple/common/general Service Codes, or provide a non-Australia Post fixed-price shipping option.