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Australia Post Shipping for Simple Commerce Documentation

Product Blueprint requirements

The Australia Post PAC requires package dimensions and weight.

This means that every Product in your Simple Commerce store will require these values.

Without these values, your Australia Post Shipping Methods will not be presented to the user.

You will need to add the following fields to your Product Blueprint:

  • width, in centimetres (cm)

  • height, in centimetres (cm)

  • length, in centimetres (cm)

  • weight, in kilograms (kg)

These can be called whatever you want them to be - you can use the mappings array in the configuration file to change the field name that the calculator will look at to get each Product's properties.

You can optionally use exclude_from_calculations too to allow you to select one or more Shipping Methods that the Product can still be shipped by, but should be excluded from the calculations. This addon includes the AP Shipping Methods fieldtype to help you automatically list your registered Australia Post Shipping Methods. Find out more about how to exclude a product from calculations.