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Australia Post Shipping for Simple Commerce Documentation

Excluding a Product from calculations

There are times when you may wish to exclude a Product from shipping calculations - for example, if you had a single Product that you wanted to ship for free, or be excluded from shipping calculations (such as a digital Product).

This approach means the customer would still be charged for shipping some items in their Order, but have others excluded from the calculations.

Add the AP Shipping Methods fieldtype to your Products Blueprint, which will output a list of your registered Australia Post Shipping Methods that are made for this addon. When you edit a Product, tick the boxes for the required Shipping Methods to have that Product excluded from shipping calculations per method.

Side note: if you're looking for free shipping system-wide, a custom Shipping Method generated by Simple Commerce itself with a $0.00 value may be a better approach. Otherwise, you need to update this field in each Product. This approach is handy for a selected number of Products that should be excluded from shipping calculations.

Important note: this approach to selectively allowing some items to be exempt from the shipping calculations means it applies to both domestic and international destinations - if your Shipping Method is configured for both, then it would be excluded for both. If you only wanted to exclude a Product from domestic shipping, you would need to create two separate shipping methods - one for domestic only, and one for international only - so that you can mark the domestic as being excluded, but international still gets calculated.