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If you haven't already, make sure you publish Iconamic's config file - you'll need to do this:

1php artisan vendor:publish --tag=iconamic-config

There are three config options for Iconamic that you can change in your config/iconamic.php file.


You can set two defaults to customise where your SVG icons live in your project. By default, the config will look in resources/icons. You can set a path and a path_helper.


path is used to provide a default path to your SVG icons from one of Laravel's path helpers.


The path_helper sets the default Laravel path-helper to use. You can use one of:

  • app_path

  • base_path

  • public_path

  • resource_path

  • storage_path

recursive New

The recursive option controls whether Iconamic will recursively list icons in your configured path.

By default, this option is set to false - this means only icons explicitly within your path are shown.

When set to true, any sub-folders within your path will also be included.

Usage as defaults

These define the defaults for all fieldtype usages - however you can override these per fieldtype instance if you need.

This means you could have your default pointing to the "resources" directory, but configure a specific fieldtype instance to use "public" path helper instead.

Setting up your path

IMPORTANT: Make sure your path exists within your project. It can be an empty folder, but it must exist for the fieldtype to work. When using the tag, if an icon is not found, it will silently fail, but the path and path_helper must be correctly configured.