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Iconamic Documentation

Tag (from a field)

The Iconamic tag makes it easy to inject an SVG icon in to your markup from a field.

From v1.0.3, you can also manually inject an icon.

Inject an icon

The Iconamic tag will look for a field handle of "icon".

1{{ iconamic }}

If an icon cannot be found, Iconamic will fail silently: the last thing we want is for your site to unexpectedly have an exception thrown.

You can also pass a handle parameter to specify a specific field to use:

1{{ iconamic handle="my_iconamic_icon" }}

If typing 'handle' is too much, you can also do this:

1{{ iconamic:my_iconamic_icon }}

These are looking for the icon name from a field with the handle my_iconamic_icon.

Check if an icon exists

Iconamic comes with a handy has helper that returns a boolean response. This is really useful if you want to check if an icon exists before outputting any markup, or want to hard-code a default icon (in the event of an optional field, or missing icon) in your own antlers file.

1<!-- Check if the icon exists -->
2{{ if {iconamic:has} }}
3 <!-- Output a wrapper -->
4 <div class="w-8 h-8">
5 <!-- Inject the icon -->
6 {{ iconamic }}
7 </div>
8{{ /if }}

You can also use the handle parameter to look for a field other than 'handle':

1<!-- Check if the "my_iconamic_icon" exists -->
2{{ if {iconamic:has handle="my_iconamic_icon"} }}
3 ...
4{{ /if }}