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Stripe Checkout Fieldtype Documentation

Environment Configuration

You can configure the Stripe Checkout Fieldtype environment from your .env file.

Remember to be a good developer and ensure you are not committing your Stripe keys to your repository.

Key and Secret

Your Stripe key and secret, provided by Stripe's control panel.



Webhook Secret

The webhook secret provided by Stripe when configuring your Stripe account for your site.

Required only if you want to use the webhook support.


Webhook Tolerance

Stripe allows a tolerance of variance between the header's timestamp and the current time. You can adjust this to increase (or decrease) the tolerance to meet your needs.

Default: 300


CP Currency format

The Fieldtype uses PHP's NumberFormatter to display Price data from Stripe in a currency format. Don't forget to correctly set up your site's locale in your config/statamic/sites.php file.

Set this to be a three-character ISO currency code supported by your PHP environment.

Default: AUD

1# for Australian Dollars
4# for US dollars