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Stripe Checkout Fieldtype Documentation

What this is (and isn't)

Yay, Stripe Checkout for forms, oh the possibilities!

Yes... so many possibilities - but it is also important to note the intended purpose of this fieldtype, and its limitations.

What it is

This is a fieldtype that allows you to map fields in your form to either the quantity (for a Price) or a value (for a Product) in Stripe.

It even works beautifully with our Variable Number Fieldtype.

You can use it with a Quantity and Stripe Price ID to allow your users to set a quantity for a specific Price.

You can also use it with a value and Stripe Product ID to create prices on-the-fly within Stripe.

You can even combine both together.

We have used this for:

  • collecting donations (great with the Variable Number Fieldtype)

  • single-product, no frills "buy now" processes

  • event registration form (against a specific Price) plus an optional t-shirt (Product)

What it isn't

This is not an online store or full e-commerce solution.

It does not have a shopping cart.

It has no concept of shipping or additional fees.

It does not have products or inventory stored within Statamic.

There is no "total" displayed.

And they won't be considered.

During development we kept having those discussions: this is not meant to be an online store.

If you need an online store, build yourself an online store with awesome addons such as Simple Commerce or Shopify.