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Stripe Checkout Fieldtype Documentation

Fieldtype Configuration

Each fieldtype instance can have its own configuration values. If you do happen to add multiple fieldtypes to the one form, only the configuration of the first instance will be used.

Currency code

Required. Defaults to the CP Currency format configured in your Environment Configuration.

Must be a three-character ISO currency code supported by Stripe.


At least one Price or Product (below) is required. Requires a Price ID and Quantity Field Handle.

Maps an individual field (a quantity) to a Stripe Price ID.

For example:

  • Price ID: the $10.00 Price for the "Cap" Product

  • Quantity Handle: the handle of the field that stores the "quantity" value for that Price

You can add multiple mappings, and even combine with Products (below).

If you are forcing value of 1 (i.e. no user-selectable quantity), then create a Hidden Fieldtype, with a value of 1.

Only quantities that are 1 or more will be added as a Line Item to Stripe.


At least one Product or Price (above) is required.

Maps an individual field (a value of the to-be-created Price) to a Stripe Product ID.

For example:

  • Product ID: "Donation"

  • Value Handle: the handle of the field that is the value to charge the customer (this could even be the Variable Number Fieldtype)

You can add multiple mappings, and even combine with Prices (above).

Only Values greater than zero will be redirected to Stripe.

Default Mode

Can be one of:

  • One-time Payment

  • Subscription

Choose mode?

Allow the user to decide between Payment or Subscription, or always use the Default Mode.

When used, you will need to publish and use the fieldtype template to style the selectable options.


Only shown if "Default Mode" is Subscription, or "Choose Mode?" is allowing user selection.


The period for the subscription, one of:

  • Day

  • Week

  • Month

  • Year


A valid interval count for the period. An integer.

If a value of "3" is provided for an interval of "Week", a Subscription would be created to be charged every 3 weeks.

Allow Promotion Codes?

When enabled, the Checkout is configured to allow Promotion Codes.

Email Address Field Handle


The field handle of the field (if it exists) in your form of the user's email address.

This is used to simply pass the submitted value directly to the Stripe Checkout.

When omitted, the user will have to type their email address at Stripe.

Create Stripe Customer?

Can be one of:

  • Always

  • When required

When set to "When required", the Customer will only be created when Stripe requires it (such as for a Subscription).

Success URL


The link to the success page. Can be direct URL, or an Entry within your site.

When an Entry is used, the addon will use the full absolute path when creating the Stripe Checkout.

Include Checkout Session ID?

When enabled, the Stripe Checkout Session ID will be automatically added to your Success URL.

This allows you to greater personalise your Success URL.

Cancel URL


The URL to redirect to if the customer cancels their checkout process.