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Stripe Checkout Fieldtype Documentation



The Stripe Checkout Fieldtype requires:

  • Statamic 4 or later

  • PHP 8.2 and later

  • intl extension

  • Alpine.js

If you do not use Alpine.js in your site, you can re-write the logic for the fieldtype to meet your JavaScript requirements.


Install the Stripe Checkout Fieldtype via composer:

1composer require mitydigital/statamic-stripe-checkout-fieldtype


If you allow the user to select between One-off Payment and Subscription, buttons will be needed to make this selection.

The layout does not include fancy styles. This is by design, and makes it faster (and easier) for you to add your own site's look-and-feel.

You will need to include these in your own project by publishing the Antlers files:

1php artisan vendor:publish --tag=statamic-stripe-checkout-fieldtype-views