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Stripe Checkout Fieldtype Documentation

Stripe Webhook

This is optional, but useful to ensure your site always has the latest Product details cached locally.

When configured, as Products and Prices change within your Stripe account, Stripe will talk to your website and update the internal product cache. This makes working with the fieldtype faster and more efficient.

If you do not want to configure the fieldtype, you will always be able to manually clear the cache or update products.

Via the command line

Just ask nicely, and the webhook can be created for you.

1php please stripe-checkout:webhook

After creating the webhook, remember to get the webhook secret from your Stripe Dashboard.

You can also pass the --disabled option to create and disable the webhook.

1php please stripe-checkout:webhook --disabled


From your Developers area of the Stripe Dashboard, go to Webhooks and Add an Endpoint. Add your endpoint and description, and choose to Listen to Events on your account. You will need to subscribe to these events:

  • plan.created

  • plan.deleted

  • plan.updated

  • price.created

  • price.deleted

  • price.updated

  • product.created

  • product.deleted

  • product.updated