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TinyMCE Cloud Documentation

Within the Statamic Control Panel

Within Statamic, under Tools, you will see TinyMCE Cloud. This is where you can configure your TinyMCE Cloud fieldtypes.

Cloud Channel

The Cloud Channel is the TinyMCE version you wish to load - select from version 5, 6 or 7.

The default is TinyMCE 7.

Default TinyMCE Configurations

In v1.x, each fieldtype instance had its own configuration - which was a nuisance if you needed to make the same change to multiple instances. In v2.0+, configuration is now stored centrally, and is simply applied to your TinyMCE Cloud fieldtype instances.

You can create as many Configurations as you need - one, two, four, whatever you like. You'll need at least one though.

Give each Configuration a Name and a TinyMCE Configuration Object.

Whatever your first configuration set is will be the default for any new TinyMCE Cloud fieldtypes. All options in the fieldtype configuration will be sorted alphabetically for ease-of-reading, and having a default just makes life easier.

Important Note: outside of Statamic, your TinyMCE Configuration Object is just a JavaScript object. However, to take advantage of YAML validation within Statamic, you need to ensure your configuration is valid YAML. If you're unsure why it is failing, run your configuration through a JSON validator (such as JSON Lint) to check your syntax and get more detail on the specifics of your setup.

This validation is in place to try to make it easier to highlight any issues before you start using your Tiny instance when editing content.

Oh, and why YAML validation? Well YAML is a superset of JSON, but offers more flexibility with formatting.

The configuration interface for TinyMCE Cloud in Statamic 3.3

Refer to TinyMCE's documentation for full configuration options.

Note that Statamic 3 uses Vue, and in turn, this fieldtype uses the TinyMCE Vue component which does not require your API key to be part of the init call. Your API key is passed as a separate property to the component from your .env file.

The Tiny Cloud API key has been added to the .env file, rather than the Statamic configuration screen, to make it easier to keep environment settings separate from initialisation configuration, especially when different keys may be used for different environments, allowing you to keep environment configuration settings outside of your source control.

All TinyMCE Cloud configuration is written to the tinymce-cloud.yaml file within Statamic's content folder, and can be safely included in your site's source control.