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TinyMCE Cloud Documentation

What can it do?

TinyMCE provides a WYSIWYG editing experience for content authors, and can be easily extended through custom plugins - which is great when you need an editor to insert content from other parts of your application.


This TinyMCE addon allows you to:

  • Select from either TinyMCE version 5, 6 or 7

  • Create multiple configurations for different use cases

  • Apply one of your configuration to each TinyMCE Cloud fieldtype usage

Why use the Tiny Cloud-hosted version of TinyMCE?

TinyMCE can be either self-hosted or hosted through Tiny Cloud.

This fieldtype uses the Tiny Cloud method.

This means that as Tiny release updates to TinyMCE, the cloud-hosted version will receive them without you needing to update your dependencies, re-build and re-deploy your codebase.

When using the Tiny Cloud version of TinyMCE, you still can configure TinyMCE as if you were running the self-hosted version, and take advantage of your own external plugins too - these need to be built as part of your project, and hosted with your project.

To use the Tiny Cloud version of TinyMCE, you need a free API key from Tiny. When you have your key set up, you can also take advantage of Tiny's Premium plugins if needed.