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TinyMCE Cloud Documentation



TinyMCE Cloud requires:

  • Statamic 3.3 and later, or Statamic 4.0

  • Laravel 9.7.0 and later

  • PHP 8.0 and later


Install TinyMCE Cloud via composer:

1composer require mitydigital/statamic-tinymce-cloud

Publish the configuration file (only if you need to make changes). This will create statamic-tinymce-cloud.phpin your config folder.

1php artisan vendor:publish --tag="statamic-tinymce-cloud-config"

Add TINYMCE_CLOUD_APIKEY to your .env file, and set your API key from


This will get passed on to the TinyMCE fieldtype instance automatically - you don't need to include this in each of your TinyMCE configurations.