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Two Factor for Statamic Documentation


The addon includes a "Two Factor" fieldtype to help manage features of a user's account.

This will be installed to your User Blueprint when you install the addon. You can move it around within your Blueprint - even rename it if you like.

This fieldtype will only provide function when it is applied to the User Blueprint.


When admin are editing any user, or a user is editing their own profile, the fieldtype adds function depending on their role.

Users are able to:

  • view or re-generate emergency recovery codes

  • disable two factor authentication (which will log them out)

The User view of the Two Field fieldtype

Admin are able to:

  • unlock locked accounts

  • disable two factor authentication for a user (which will mean they need to redo the set up process)

The Admin view of the Two Field fieldtype

Admin cannot see or re-generate a user's emergency recovery codes.

Index (list)

An index fieldtype has been included to allow you to include Two Factor in your Users list view.

This will show you:

  • if a user is (or is not) set up

  • if a user has their account locked

This makes it easy for you, as Admin, to see at a glance where your users are up to.

The Two Factor index fieldtype showing different two factor account statuses