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Two Factor for Statamic Documentation


Out of the box, all CP users will have two factor enforced. This means all users will need to set up two factor.

Starting the 2.2, you can now optionally define specific roles that will have two factor enforced.

At this stage, changes to the Role enforcement configuration is only possible via the Two Factor for Statamic config file.

Super Admin

Any user who is a Super Admin will always need to have two factor enforced.

Always. Period.


To enforce Two Factor for specific roles only, you need to ensure you have published the Two Factor for Statamic config file:

1php artisan vendor:publish --tag=statamic-two-factor-config

This will create the config/two-factor.php config file.

New in 2.2 is the enforced_roles property - if you published the config file prior to 2.2, check out the source for full details.

Depending on how you configure this property, the behaviour of enforcement will change.

All Roles (aka All Users)

By default, the enforced_roles property is null.

This enforces two factor for all users of the CP.

Specific Roles

You can optionally change the value of enforced_roles to be an array.

If you only want Super Admin (and no other CP user) to have two factor enforced, you can set this to be an empty array:

1'enforced_roles' => [],

Let's say you have a number of roles including Content Publisher and User Admin, and you want these to have two factor enforced. Simply place their handle in the enforced_roles array:

1'enforced_roles' => [
2 'content_publisher',
3 'users_admin',

Not sure what your Roles handles are? Check out your resources/users/roles.yaml file.