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Two Factor for Statamic Documentation

Set up

When the addon is enabled, users who do not have two factor authentication enabled will be guided through the set up process on their next login or action.

This process will require they

  • scan a QR code (or use the text-based key) in their authenticator app,

  • provide a one-time confirmation code to confirm setup, and

  • make note of 8 emergency recovery codes to store in a safe place

Until set up is complete, any log ins or actions will go through this set up process.

Confirming set up

When the user has scanned the QR code (or used the text-based key), and provided a valid one-time code, two factor will be marked as confirmed.

However, set up is not finalised until they have completed the next step.

Completing set up

After confirming their set up, users will be presented with 8 emergency recovery codes. This view includes a "Complete" button that will, when selected, finalise their set up.

Until users "complete" this view, any future attempts to sign in will require they re-complete the set up process.